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Easily monetize and profile existing customers while increasing engagement and loyalty with your existing brand.

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Appsaholic is focused on providing the data, tools, and insight necessary to effectively target and monetize mobile customers. Using our proprietary data collection network, Appsaholic is able to gather actionable profile and behavioral attributes necessary to identify the right user at the right time.

Get to know (and monetize) your audience

Engage users with loyalty-driving data collection interactions while gaining access to profile analysis and reporting. Every datapoint collected is an opportunity to increase the monetary return on these users.

Your key to unlocking in-app advertising

Every in-app advertisement is a little different. Some ads are fixed or blow-by interstitial units, and others are buried. Appsaholic helps you gain insight into placements by app and alert you to new opportunities.

Access the largest in-app data marketplace in the world

Add an intelligence layer to your mobile advertising campaigns today. We understand that every impression counts and is why its important to work with a partner that can help you achieve scale and grow beyond.

It's easy to get started

It only takes a few minutes to install and customize our SDK. Once integrated you'll be able to begin profiling and monetizing your customers.

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