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  • We are excited about what Appsaholic can do for us in the mobile marketplace. Mobile advertising and application monetization are huge growth opportunities for us, and are at the core of what we do. Being able to offer our partners the ability to identify, analyze and monetize the mobile sector with the best tools out there today is a huge win and will yield unique benefits for us.

    -Meghan O’Holleran

    Vice President of Mobile for Adaptive Media.
  • Appsaholic has taken app tracking to the next level. The ability to access all of this information in one tool will save time in daily outreach endeavors. Having the ad placement section is invaluable in and of itself. No need to take the time to download each app to see if and where the ads are displayed, you can just look at Appsaholic's dashboard.

    -Tan Tmangraksat

    VP, Publisher Solutions | Airpush, Inc.

Appsaholic is focused on providing the data, tools, and insight necessary to effectively target and monetize mobile customers. Using our proprietary data collection network, Appsaholic is able to gather actionable profile and behavioral attributes necessary to identify the right user at the right time.

App Insights

Discover how apps like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans are making money, tracking engagement and monitoring crash reports.

  1. - Find out which vendors are being utilized in popular apps and why
  2. - Identify Monetization and Analytics providers, development tools and more
  3. - Set automated alerts for rising stars
  4. - Schedule automated alerts for your clients and favorite apps
  5. - Track rank history and pivot by app category
  6. - Export contact information and sync with Salesforce

Ad Placement Insights

Easily uncover how apps are utilizing advertising. Identify how apps like Words with Friends are using video or display and where each ad is located.

  1. - View every vendor that is serving ads into each ad placement.
  2. - Know exactly where your ad will be shown in every app.
  3. - Make intelligent buying decisions based off of ad placement meta-data

Vendor Insights

Appsaholic provides a ‘first of its kind’ bird’s eye view of the mobile marketplace. Understand the market reach of every mobile vendor and which apps are using services like Mopub to monetize their ad placements.

  1. - View overall market reach by category (monetization, analytics, advertising, etc.)
  2. - Compare vendors against their competition
  3. - View which apps are using each vendor
  4. - View top vendors by app categories

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