Reward your users with real world rewards for engaging with your app.

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Why choose Appsaholic?

Fast and easy integration.

Simply drop in our SDK, set the user actions you would like to reward for, and you’re done!

Our rewards rule!

No other catalog offers over 150 gift cards and Perk Plastik, a powerful debit card users can load cash and spend anywhere.

Earn when your users earn.

Generate revenue from each user when they claim their rewards for engaging in your app.

We make it easy.

We make it easy for mobile app publishers to add rewards to their apps and foster repeated engagement by their users.
Turnkey Integration

Within minutes, you have access to the leading mobile rewards platform.

Customizable Experience

Develop rewards opportunities that best fit the objectives of your app.

New Revenue

Everytime your users earn, you earn revenue when points are claimed.

Rewards Galore

Hundreds of gift cards for users to choose from, as well as Perk Plastik, a reloadable debit card.

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